Graco Twin Post Ram Pump Assemblies

Pumping solutions for the most viscous products

A twin post ram assembly, using a Checkmate pump shown in HI overleaf, is an effective way of pumping materials that have very poor flow characteristics and viscosities in excess of 100,000 centipoise.

The air driven ram acts on a ram plate forcing the product into the pump inlet. The ram plate also ‘wipes’ the side of the drum, thereby reducing material wastage.

A single post ram assembly can be used for products that need to be pumped from standard 20 litre pails.

Complete Graco ‘ready to go’ Ram assemblies

Twin post ram assemblies are suitable for 205 litre drums and include a choice of pump combined with a twin post ram, air controls and drum clamps.

Single post ram assemblies include a choice of pump, single post ram and air controls.

Graco Portable cart packages

Some of the smaller pumps are available as portable units and include a pump, a 2-wheeled cart, an elevator and air controls.

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