Graco Chemsafe 205 Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pump Model No: 24X429

Product Code: 24X429
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Graco Chemsafe 205 1/4″ Overmoulded PTFE/PTFE/EPDM Air Diaphragm Pump Model No: 24X429

Safe and Reliable. Machined Design. No Exposed Metal. Chemical transfer applications demand maximum performance and superior chemical containment.

CNC machined design ensures precision fit and superior chemical containment compared to moulded pumps

  • Corrosion-resistant exterior with no exposed metal reduces maintenance, extends pump  life and offers clean, safe operation
  • Removable air motor offers easy and intuitive maintenance, reducing downtime


Pump Body:  PTFE

Fluid Covers, Seats & Manifolds:  PTFE

Balls:   PTFE

Diaphragm:   PTFE/EPDM Overmoulded

Threads: NPT